Learn Computational and Algorithmic Thinking.

Algorithmic Thinking involves more than just learning code. It is a problem solving process that involves learning how to code! This book teaches computational and algorithmic thinking by taking very seriously one thing for granted—that the reader knows absolutely nothing about computer programming!

C# is unquestionably a very popular programming language and this book can help you enter the programming world with C#. With 370 pages (many of which are illustrated), and more than 100 solved and 200 unsolved exercises, over 250 true/false, 100 multiple choice, and 100 review questions (the solutions and the answers to which can be found on the Internet), this book is ideal for kids 10+ and their parents, students, teachers, or for anyone who wants to start learning or teaching computer programming using the proper conventions and techniques.

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Customer Reviews

T. M.
Perfect for a tween/teen

As a seasoned programmer, it’s hard to teach an 11yo who wants to learn. This book does a great job of doing that. It begins with a simple console project, and a console.writeline(“Hello World!”) syntax. It explains basic concepts like constants and variables in easy language while simultaneously showing them practical uses of the concepts they are learning about in code snippets.

It is full of code snippets and has no super deep complicated routines. This teaches fundamental code 101 at a very basic level, and does a good job with why and how at the same time.

The only downside I found is that kids want to jump straight to the code and completely over the lesson concepts because they are so excited to learn. That isn’t a fault of the book, it’s just something to keep in mind as an adult: they can’t learn the concepts purely by writing the copying the code snippets. They have to read and absorb the concepts or they are just copying for effect.

I found our son asking for help often, which was nice. He was learning but also making syntax mistakes like every programmer. This was a great opportunity for bonding as I was able to not only show him how to fix the syntax error, but also answered dynamic questions and showed him how adding or changing the code from the book affected the results. That made more lightbulbs come on.

I have only found one minor code syntax problem thus far in the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion project: when setting an integer value to a variable declared as a double, you must add a decimal and zero after the number (e.g. 5.0 vs. 5) or the math performed will only output an integer vs. a double. It should be 5.0 / 9.0 * (Fahrenheit -32) vs 5 / 9 * (Fahrenheit – 32).

Strongly recommend this title for any tween/teen that needs a solid foundation.

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Amazon Customer

Great gift for kids that like to game and play on computers.

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D. K.
Easy start to learn C#

This book amazes me. I’m absolute novice in C# and it’s so easy to learn C# with this book. I’m very happy that I bought this book) The author managed to keep the balance between simple and difficult tasks. Every time I use this book I just feel joy) Perfect for kids and people who are also beginners in programming like me) My good wishes to the author)

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Great reference book for teaching

Great reference book for teaching students who do not know how to program. The author is very accommodating. I emailed him and he quickly replied. Five stars and more. Thank you very much for sharing how you teach. This book is a life saver for a computer teacher like me. 🙂

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I am in love with this C# BOOK!

Thank you so much! Its well written! I am speechless how helpful the book is for kids as well as for beginners. I am planning to buy the other books about Phyton and Java. It deserves better pay for such a great book!

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