COVER_FRONTLearn to Think Like a Programmer.

Thoroughly revised for the latest version of PHP, this book explains basic concepts in a clear and explicit way that takes very seriously one thing for granted—that the reader knows nothing about computer programming.

Addressed to anyone who has no prior programming knowledge or experience, but a desire to learn programming with PHP, it teaches the first thing that every novice programmer needs to learn, which is Algorithmic Thinking. Algorithmic Thinking involves more than just learning code. It is a problem-solving process that involves learning how to code.

This edition contains all the popular features of the previous edition and adds a significant number of exercises, as well as extensive revisions and updates. Furthermore, a brand new section provides an effective introduction to the next field that a programmer needs to work with, which is Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

This book has a class course structure with questions and exercises at the end of each chapter so you can test what you have learned right away and improve your comprehension. With 250 solved and 450 unsolved exercises, 475 true/false, about 150 multiple choice, and 200 review questions and crosswords (the solutions and the answers to which can be found on the Internet), this book is ideal for

  • novices or average programmers, for self-study
  • high school students
  • first-year college or university students
  • teachers
  • professors
  • anyone who wants to start learning or teaching computer programming using the proper conventions and techniques


(*) Tested on amazon Kindle e-reader (8th Generation), Kindle for PC and Kindle for Android. It looks quite messy on Kindle Cloud Reader.  If you encounter any problem on your device send me a message, including your e-reader’s model and any screenshots or photos (if possible).


Material about this book:

Customer Reviews (for 1st Edition)

Great for developing an understanding of programming

Going the self-taught route can be tough considering how all over the place tutorials can be. Working through this book allows for progressive growth and the exercises at the end of each chapter challenge the reader to create rather than just copying a tutorial. There are a few typos, but other than that. I think this book has been invaluable in creating a solid foundation to learn programming.


R. O.
A really good book that explains with ease how to start writing …

A really good book that explains with ease how to start writing programs with php. Thorough concepts that are backed with examples and quizzes. I would recommend this book.


Mr. M. J.
Best resource on how to learn how to programme!

Excellent resource for anyone starting out on how to learn to programme/code. This book does exactly what it says, teaching you how to programme and think like a programmer i.e solving problems. All the excercises are excellent and help you use the skills learnt to solve actual problems.

Once I read this book which covers the basics on which all computer languages are written I started reading and understanding code like I was reading a book.

I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to start a career in web-development or any other programming field!


I. G.

Useful details, variety of exercises
Well written, useful details, variety of exercises, very good readability, very good use of english language



Learning How to Think Like a Programmer
This is a great book in learning how to think about PHP programming. The author teaches you how to use flow charts and trace tables to think through your code, and I found this particularly helpful. In addition, it is full of exercises including true/false, multiple choice, and coding exercises. What I learned in this book has also helped me as I learn JavaScript because of the similarities between the two languages. If you are wanting to learn not just PHP but the thinking behind the programming, this is the book you want!



Excellent book! Very well-written
Excellent book! Very well-written, great for beginners but also extremely helpful for more advanced programmers since it emphasizes on algorithmic thinking. I would certainly recommend this book to everyone interested in PHP and computer programming in general.