Learn to Think Like a Programmer

Completely updated for the latest version of Java, this book offers a comprehensive introduction to programming, assuming no prior knowledge of the subject. It is designed for individuals eager to learn Java from scratch, providing a strong foundation in Algorithmic Thinking—the fundamental skill every aspiring programmer must acquire. Algorithmic Thinking encompasses more than just writing code; it entails mastering the art of problem-solving through coding.

This edition retains all the popular features of its predecessor while introducing a wealth of new exercises, along with extensive revisions and updates. Furthermore, brand-new chapters offer a practical introduction to working with text files.

Structured for both classroom use and independent study, each chapter is concluded with a set of questions and exercises designed to reinforce your understanding and apply what you’ve learned. With approximately 250 solved and 480 unsolved exercises, 500 true/false questions, 150 multiple-choice questions, and 200 review questions and crosswords (with solutions and answers available online), this book is ideal for:

  • Novices or intermediate-level programmers pursuing self-study
  • High school students
  • First-years college or university students
  • Educators
  • Professors
  • Anyone who wants to start learning or teaching computer programming using the best practices and techniques
  • Paperback
  • Kindle (*)

(*) Tested on amazon Kindle e-reader (8th Generation), Kindle for PC and Kindle for Android. It looks quite messy on Kindle Cloud Reader.  If you encounter any problem on your device send me a message, including your e-reader’s model and any screenshots or photos (if possible).

Material about this book:

Customer Reviews (for 2nd Edition)


Really well explained with tons of review exercises progressively throughout and at the end of each sub/chapter. It’s impossible not to fully absorb the information so that you’re confident writing algorithms in Java!

I feel very confident that with the help of this book to master the fundamentals I will progress on and eventually be able to do the career switch that I might have given up on had I not found the thorough teachings by this author.

The author is an excellent teacher!

Source: amazon.co.uk

Customer Reviews (for 1st Edition)

THE Best Java for complete beginners!

Really the best introductory Java book I ever have read!!!! Hope the authors can write more computer books like Advanced Java and more! I am able to pick up coding easily just by reading your books 🙂
Appreciate it lots that the authors have produced such a masterpiece of writing! 🙂

Source: amazon.com

Dr Ch. P. K.

The book is brilliant in every way – it’s a page – turner and it follows a natural path of true learning. It’s different from Murach’s Beggining Java with Netbeans – it actually complements it the best way possible. They both use Netbeans which is great for people who are just starting their JAVA experience. Bravo!

Source: amazon.com